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Upcoming Events


Do you have what it takes to build the most awesome, non-permitted gingerbread house around while enjoying beers, ciders, and cocktails? If you answered yes then we invite you to join us for our 4th annual Great Gingerbread House Build-off. We supply the gingerbread house kits, free of charge, and you just need to show up and build your hearts out. Following are the three categories you will be judged on:

  • Most creative
  • Most “Move In Ready” (no renovations/repairs needed)
  • Bartender’s Choice

One winner per category will get a Beer NV gift card (to be used at a later visit). You can build as a team or individually, so gather your friends, family, or your date and show us your skills.


  1. Kits are limited quantities and given out on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Builders can use only the ingredients provided in the kits. (no bringing your own supplies)
  3. No extra supplies will be available. Everyone has the same amount of the same supplies.
  4. Some supplies might be damaged in transport. You will need to overcome that hurtle. (This is meant to be fun so please just roll with it and have another drink)
  5. Builders will have 2 hours to create your masterpiece beginning at 1p.
  6. HAVE FUN!
  7. Judging will begin at 3p and winners will be announced at that time.


Come over to the dark side. You’ll love it. We are bringing back our mini dark beer festival, Hello Darkness. For $15 you can enjoy sampling from the following curated lineup of tasty goodness.

  • Saugatuck Banana Split
  • Modern Times Soft Swerve
  • Belching Beaver B&B Coconut & Vanilla
  • False Idol Perpetual Contortion
  • Avery Gorpe Diem
  • Bruery Oatmeal Raisin
  • Equilibrium All Wise
  • Omnipollo Elmer NMT
  • Skygazer Sightings: Go Fast
  • Weathered Souls Thin Mint Frap


Oh that’s right. It’s time to once again find or make yourself a knitted masterpiece that is sure to wow our judge enough to score you some sweet sweet prizes this holiday season. Creativity and uniqueness are two sure ways to catch our eye. We don’t care if you find something amazing on Etsy or if you bust out the hot glue gun and make your own wearable piece of art. We just want you to come and enjoy some delicious drinks while modeling that train wreck of a sweater.

    Get Your Think On


    Every Tuesday night, Beer NV and DJ Trivia will be bringing you a night full of beer, trivia, and a fair amount of trash talking. Start building your trivia teams now and join us for what will certainly be an epic time. Trivia will go from 7p-9p and the winners will be taking home some beer money. Come on down and see why Tuesdays just got better. Cheers!

    1st Place – $40 Beer NV Gift Card

    2nd Place – $25 Beer NV Gift Card

    3rd Place – $15 Beer NV Gift Card