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Upcoming Events

Adult Game Night

This certainly isn’t your parent’s game night, unless of course your parents sense of humor is just as warped as yours. In that case, please bring them because we’d love to meet them. The title here says it all. On Wednesdays beginning November 1, we will be hosting a game night with games along the lines of Cards Against Humanity, adult Pictionary, and What Do You Meme. If you’re one who is offended easily, this probably isn’t the activity for you.

Now, here are the details. Sign-ups will be between 7p-7:20p. The game night will end at 9:40p. There is no signing up allowed for people who are “on their way.” This is a first come, first serve event. We will have 5 groups of no more than 8 and no less than 4 people so, there will be limited space. These games are not the type to be played as a team. It will be you against the others in hopes of coming away with a Beer NV gift card. There will be 3 forty minute rounds with drink breaks in between. Each round your group will play an assigned game chosen from a carefully curated collections of games. The games will revolve with each round meaning that everyone will play 3 different games throughout the night. The game selection will also revolve each week to ensure things stay fresh.

After each round, we will score each player and at the end of the night, there will be one winner per group based on their cumulative scores from all three rounds. The winners will walk away with a Beer NV gift card and bragging rights of being the worst person ever. If there is a need for a tie breaker, we will be getting really fancy and deciding winners with a trusty best 2 out of 3 Roshambo. Be sure to mark your calendars and get here early to save your spot. Cheers!

Get Your Think On

Every Tuesday night, Beer NV and DJ Trivia will be bringing you a night full of beer, trivia, and a fair amount of trash talking. Start building your trivia teams now and join us for what will certainly be an epic time. Trivia will go from 7p-9p and the winners will be taking home some beer money. Come on down and see why Tuesdays just got better. Cheers!

1st Place – $40 Beer NV Gift Card

2nd Place – $25 Beer NV Gift Card

3rd Place – $15 Beer NV Gift Card